MTV “in love”

CCR “get there”

BPA “A place in the world”

Pernambucanas “World cup”

Cofidis “Let’s talk”

Revista Sabado “Think for yourself”

Fula “Hide and seek”

Pernambucanas “Mothers”

Vimeiro “Athletes”

Aki “Naber”

P&G New York “Neighborhoods”

P&G New York “Beauty”

I was born in Lisbon. I moved to São Paulo, before that I studied in Lisbon, and then a passage through New York.

As long as I remember I’m passionate about travels and pictures, If we want to tell stories, we have to live them. It’s what I’ve been trying to do.

When I am not abroad, you can find me in Lisbon, on facebook or on Instagram.

Bruno Pinhal / Film Director